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We help our clients to present a balanced view in their ESG and Sustainability Reporting, align to recognised standards, such as TCFD, SASB and GRI, discuss the key issues, the progress they are making and future ESG and sustainability plans

Stakeholders want to know how companies are responding to macroeconomic trends, how they identify ESG risks and opportunities, and how they are positioning themselves for long-term success. Materiality is a fundamental principle of credible and effective sustainability reporting. We conduct independent, evidence-based assessments for our clients, which inform the content of reports by determining the relative importance of ESG issues to each business. Engagement with stakeholders, to fully understand their dynamic needs and the company’s impacts, forms a central part of the process.

We ensure that your report is geared towards the interests of key stakeholders and that they have the necessary information and engaging content to make informed decisions about your business.

Using our experience in report writing, we will ensure it meets best practice standards, adhering to principles such as accuracy, balance, clarity, comparability, completeness, materiality and stakeholder inclusiveness. We produce robust reporting that meets recognised best practice standards, engages and inspires stakeholders and takes account of ESG Rating requirements
Robust ongoing ESG performance reporting can:

  • Allows organisations to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities they face, giving stakeholders greater insight into performance beyond the bottom line.
  • Build relationships and trust with external stakeholders, especially investors
  • Improve understanding and management of ESG issues


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