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Robust sustainability reporting builds trust and engagement with your stakeholders.

Effective ESG disclosure and performance reporting is an integral part of every worthwhile sustainability approach. We have been writing best practice sustainability reports for global brands for over 10 years. This experience gained from working across different geographical jurisdictions enables us to help our clients to improve their understanding and management of sustainability, to actively engage and inspire internal teams, and to build trust with external stakeholders such as investors and customers.

Performance Reporting

Setting the standards

We work with companies at all stages of maturity to achieve their public reporting ambitions – from first-time sustainability reports which integrate best practice principles, to ESG sections in annual reports, to publications fully aligned to recognised reporting standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Our process is tailored to help you understand exactly what subjects your report should cover – and how to present data and discuss your impacts on key issues in a balanced and engaging way. We combine robust transparency with impact storytelling to create fully designed reports that will reassure stakeholders and bring sustainability to life.

ESG Ratings

Optimising performance

With investor interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues soaring, it is ever more essential that companies understand and respond to their ESG performance. We support our clients to optimise their ESG ratings by using an evidence-based approach to improving public reporting and strategy. This is achieved through prioritising and engaging with ratings providers such as MSCI and Sustainalytics, and by analysing the ratings criteria and individual company performance. Our recommendations pinpoint quick wins and longer-term actions that will improve your reputation with investors; save you time spent responding to requests; and strengthen your overall approach to sustainability.


Focused reporting

Materiality is a fundamental principle of credible and effective sustainability reporting. We conduct independent, evidence-based assessments for our clients, which inform the content of reports by determining the relative importance of ESG issues to each business. Engagement with stakeholders, to fully understand their dynamic needs and the company’s impacts, forms a central part of the process – one that will also support your section 172 statement. We ensure that your report is geared towards the interests of key stakeholders and that they have the necessary information and engaging content to make informed decisions about your business.

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