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Carbon, Just Transition and deep decarbonisation


The impact of climate change is being felt globally and Carbon is now one of the most pressing risks faced by businesses. Over the years, we have developed tried and tested ways to help businesses decarbonise – what differentiates us is our ability to simplify complex issues into straightforward easy to implement steps and how we centre our approach around a ‘just transition. Put simply, we recognise that as companies begin to decarbonise they must leave no one behind and ensure that the social impacts and benefits of the transition to a low carbon economy are considered.

Carbon Footprinting

Transitioning to net-zero has never been more urgent. At Simply Sustainable, we have been helping companies assess their carbon footprints across the value chain for more than 12 years, providing a vital baseline against which future climate progress can be tracked.

Our robust five step process reviews every part of a company’s organisational and operational boundaries, data gathering process, carbon calculation and emission hotspots. The reports we produce meet international standards recommended by the Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosure (TFCD) and the UK government’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) guidance.

Importantly, we find innovative ways to manage, trade off or minimise carbon emissions in ways that work for the environment, and your bottom line.

Just Transition

Without a doubt, the effects of transitioning to net-zero will have a profound, but inevitably uneven, effect on business and the communities in which they operate.

As we help accelerate businesses on their decarbonisation journey, we must mitigate the negative social impacts of the transition to a low carbon economy by working collaboratively with key stakeholders to make sure the process is participatory, fair and leaves no one behind. Planning for ‘Just Transition’ is a key commitment of the TFCD, a principle of the Paris Agreement and an important aim of the COP26 Glasgow Climate Pact.

Through stakeholder engagement and impactful workshops, our experienced consultants help plan and manage the demand shifts and economic costs of decarbonisation alongside economic diversification, reskilling, and redeployment programs to support vulnerable workers and communities.

Deep Decarbonisation – beyond Carbon Footprinting

It may feel like a race, but decarbonisation is a journey – one where fundamental change in the business value chain is required beyond near-term carbon reduction plans. At Simply Sustainable, we take a long-term and holistic approach to finding decarbonisation pathways that avoid path dependency and stranded assets.

The stakes are high and understandably the response must be robust. We work to the world’s most stringent standards, including the Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, and the new Corporate Net-Zero standard set by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The latter is the world’s first framework for Net-Zero target setting in line with climate science. Using this framework, our carbon experts identify the emissions produced by your company’s own processes (Scope 1), purchased electricity and heat (Scope 2), and those by suppliers and end-users (Scope 3), and determine the deep systemic cuts necessary to do your part in limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius.


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