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The new Simply Sustainable How-to Guides

If we’ve learnt one thing, it’s that there is an urgent need to accelerate ambition and action on sustainability – at every level. When it comes to corporate sustainability, as a service provider to the sector, we have an important role to play and it’s something we take seriously. We are continually looking for new and better ways to support our clients in making the shift from incremental improvement to the more profound (or ‘transformational’) change that is needed.

Last month, we hosted a Sustainability Strategy Masterclass, to introduce and discuss some of the cutting-edge sustainability concepts that will help companies in this transition. And we have just published a series of how-to guides on each of these concepts, introduced below.

Integral materiality

Materiality is evolving and businesses should be taking greater advantage of this crucial strategic tool as a foundation to developing and evolving transformative sustainability strategies. Our How-to Guide discusses the value of materiality and offers practical tips on how to enhance its role within the business.

Climate change strategy

The need for businesses to take a strategic approach to climate change is urgent and clear. Our How-to Guide details the practical steps that companies can follow to address climate change proactively, by developing robust and ambitious mitigation and adaptation responses.

Context sustainability

Contextualisation is fundamental to addressing the critical question of whether a business and its activities are truly sustainable or not. Our How-to Guide explains the need for context-based strategies and target-setting and suggests practical ways to leverage context-based approaches.

Sustainable business models

Sustainable business models describe how companies can create, deliver and capture financial value in innovative and transformative ways. Our How-to Guide introduces different types and examples, suggesting practical ways for companies to begin fundamentally changing how they approach value creation in a way which directly addresses material environmental and social issues.

Our hope is that these guides are both inspiring and practical as companies negotiate this transition, and that ambition and transformation become the watchwords in corporate sustainability and beyond. We look forward to using our expertise to support the sector in this.

If you are interested in any of the above areas or looking for support in developing or evolving your sustainability strategy more broadly, please get in touch.


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