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Fully fledged solutions for London Stansted Airport

Long-time companions on London Stansted Airport’s sustainability journey, we have taken on the research, development and drafting of several corporate social responsibility reports.

Aim higher with a business-class report

Impacts and benefits

  • Improved robustness and quality of reporting
  • Enhanced overall reputation

The CSR report looks good and sterling effort by all to deliver to time! Neil Robinson Director of Sustainability, Manchester Aiports Group

The story

London Stansted Airport, part of Manchester Airports Group, is London’s fastest growing airport, welcoming over 27 million passengers each year. For over five years, we have supported and advised the airport on sustainability issues, from stakeholder engagement to strategy development, responsible business reporting to communications. Recently, we have also been delighted to prove our worth with several of the company’s corporate social responsibility reports.

Progress reporting is a vital part of our work at Simply Sustainable. Done well, they are a great opportunity to enhance your company’s reputation in the world; a powerful statement about what your business stands for.

We were challenged to improve on the robustness and quality of previous reports, while keeping the end-result concise and accessible to a varied audience.

To start, we helped the team at Stansted to think through and articulate their vision and ambition for the report. Through a variety of methods including interviews, we gathered relevant data from across the business. In close consultation, we then drafted all sections of the report, and advised on the design.

London Stansted were delighted with the outcome: an engaging, fully designed CSR report that communicates effectively with all stakeholders.


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